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Cherry- Mini Soap Sponge

Cherry- Mini Soap Sponge

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Mini Soap Sponge

Fully loaded with a minimum of 100g of Soap per sponge

Soap sponges are simply, pre filled soap in a sponge. The soap is fully absorbed into a massage/exfoliating sponge and set, meaning you can use your sponge multiple times. The key trick to a long lasting sponge is to allow minimum contact with water. Simply dip in warm water to soften the sponge slightly, wash yourself, quick rinse of the sponge and set aside to fully dry for use on the next bath/shower.

Soap Sponges are a staple bathroom product, pre filled with your favourite fragrance and delicately coloured.

THESE ARE AN IDEAL CHILDRENS HANDHELD SIZE however perfect for travel/holiday and loved among those that use self tan for both exfoliation preparation and removal.

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