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Bath Dust

Bath Dust

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Jam packed with explosive colour and beautiful fragrance, our bath bomb dust is lovingly hand made using only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Simply shake your bath dust gently into a tub of warm water and enjoy the show!

Handmade means just that, 100% Handmade. With this in mind, please be aware that although every care and consideration is taken into the production, your bath dust may not always be 100% perfect, there may be very minor imperfections such as colour spots, lumps etc.. This does not affect the performance of your bath dust and is a natural occurence in the bath bomb/rock/dust making process.

Storage of your bath dust is key in keeping it in top condition.

-Store in a COOL, dry area free from heat and moisture 

-External Use Only
-Not recommended for children under 3 yrs
-May make bathtub slippery
-Temporary staining possible if handled
-If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use

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