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Madam Koko- Bubble Bar Swirl

Madam Koko- Bubble Bar Swirl

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If you love a seriously bubbly bath then a bubble bar is just what you need!

Our Bubble Bars may occasionally come in many different shape variations including the traditional Swirl/Disc, Scoop and even Confetti Dust!

Bubble bars are quite simply solid bubble bath products that when rubbed/agitated or sprinkled under warm running water create an array of stunningly scented bubbles.. our Bubble Bars even give your skin a little treat too as we use luxurious Cocoa Butter within our recipe.....there may even be a little pop of colour to the bath water too!

Simply rub, agitate or crumble the bubble scoop under warm running water to create lather and bubbles. Bubble scoops can also be placed into a mini sieve or hung in an organza bag under the running water.

More Agitation, More Bubbles!

Enriched with Butter, Oils and Clay that leave your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

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