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Exclusive Blend Box 1- Wax Melts

Exclusive Blend Box 1- Wax Melts

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These scents have been created using 2 or more fragrance oils combined to create a new exclusive scent 😍

There are only a handful of people in the whole WORLD that had access to these fragrance oil blends and they will NEVER be available to purchase again.

Only myself and those that were lucky enough to purchase will be able to recreate these blends

This makes these scents really unique & really special 🩷

I have created a limited availability ‘Exclusive Blend Box’ that will be available to purchase next week and those that purchase will be the first to try these new scents prior to me putting them up for general sale in the future ❤️


Stunningly scented Wax Melts made using our very own unique blend of wax and high quality fragrance oils to ensure hours upon hours of beautiful scent throw throughout your home.


Please note- Colours/Designs/Glitters may vary from batch to batch.

Due to the nature of our unique wax blend and changes within temperatures/environment during batch making, 
there may on very rare occasions be some slight 'frosting' on the finished product. 
Frosting is merely aesthetic and does not affect performance or scent throw

We try to stay as Eco Friendly as possible to ensure minimal negative impact on the environment so we only purchase Packaging/Cello that are either Biodegradable or at the very least, Recyclable.

All Glitter/Mica is ethically sourced, cosmetic grade.

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